New Artist Spotlight: Jamie Rice Art

Jamie Rice Art

Jamie Rice’s work is brightly colored, with bold graphic elements, ultra shiny and sometimes glittering with gold leaf, or sculptural additions. Upon closer perusal, however, there are meaningful details to be discovered. Her art prints and home decor items make great gifts for art lovers that embrace strong use of color. Her new “Remix” series, with it’s pastel grunge aesthetic, is young and fresh, perfect for interior designers and fashion forward patrons.

Let’s learn more about Jamie and her work…

How long have you been creating, and how has your work changed?

According to my family, I was drawing before I learned to speak. When I was a kid I made toys and jewelry out of Sculpey clay. I began building furniture, sculpture, and doing some pretty bizarre home renovations in middle school. In high school, I took up ceramics, and started a business where I created unique handmade backsplashes. My dark ages were in college where I studied accounting with the intention of going to law school. Between studying, renovating homes, and fretting about my future career, I had few creative outlets.

I began painting in 2008 after a very powerful meditation that seemed to command that I “paint” instead of following the path I was on. My first painting set the tone for all of the work that would follow, where I explore spiritualism, history, and philosophy. I’m always striving for more refinement, but my work had remained true to form, stylistically and topically, until recently. I’m currently making a shift from intellectual, articular thought, to venturing into the world of emotive, abstract storytelling.

If you could work in any other medium, what would it be?
I love sculpture, ceramics, and building furniture. I used to have a wood shop with every tool under the sun including a kiln and ceramics tools.

Jamie Rice Art

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
When I’m not selling at weekend festivals, or painting, I tend to catch up with friends and family. It’s anybody’s guess whether I may be found imbibing fine whiskey or kale smoothies, frequenting clubs or practicing yoga.

Tell us about the first dollar you made selling your art:
I had made sales to friends and family along the way, and given charitable donations and gifts but was never sure who was just being nice, supportive, or charitable. The first real dollar I made was on the first night of my first art festival in 2012. A guy and his girlfriend, close to my age, came in making quite a fuss. He explained the meaning of the painting, Rock Paper Scissors, which was spot on. They said they’d “be back” which I later learned is often the kiss of death for a festival sale. But they did come back. I was excited as they walked up. It was listed for $1800 and he offered $1500. I was so nervous. I acted reluctant, but my insides were screaming “Yesssssss!” I accepted, nonchalantly. I was elated that someone would pay that much for my work. I was thrilled that he loved and understood it’s meaning so well. He’s since become a collector, having commissioned six or seven pieces so far and we are still in touch. All of the other artists around me, knowing it was my first show, came up and congratulated and high-fived me. I fell in love with the artists, the customers and the spirit of the festivals, but for the minor detail that I barely covered costs with that magical sale.

Is there an artist at Armadillo you are looking forward to shopping from?
Eric Mort and Terrell Powell. I look forward to meeting new artists as well.

Jamie Rice Art

Find Jamie’s work in booth N-4!




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